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Blessed with a voice that possesses both the husky sweetness of Stevie Nicks and earthy tones of Nina Simone, and hooky rhythmic guitar which fuses folk and Americana with 90s grunge, Beatie Wolfe is an Anglo-American London singer songwriter described as the definition of a 21st century artist with a truly classic sound

With echoes of Leonard Cohen throughout her songwriting, celebrated for its poetic appeal, and described by GQ as “beautiful melodies which delicately detail the poetry and tragedy of relationships“ - Wolfe writes and performs brooding, authentic songs best categorised by Monocle as “expertly played, beautifully sung chamber pop” with bassist Yaron Stavi (of David Gilmour, Nigel Kennedy) and drummer Adam Hayes 

Wolfe's live show has been hailed as “the best show we’ve been to all year” (GQ), "so tender and confident" (The Independent) and “a profound delivery of depth and soul” (BBC)     //     Beatie Wolfe writes & performs all her own music

raw space

Beatie Wolfe's latest album Raw Space will be released...



OUT May 5th

Raw Space by Beatie Wolfe (Album Artwork)


Beatie Wolfe’s second album Montagu Square was conceived at 34 Montagu Square - the former home and secret studio of Hendrix, Ringo, McCartney, Lennon & Yoko Ono - and the album’s live single ‘Take Me Home’ was recorded in the room where McCartney wrote ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and Hendrix penned ‘The Wind Cries Mary.’

The songs of Montagu Square touch on themes of today and combine powerful raw musicianship with fresh yet timeless songwriting

— The Independent
— Forbes


Beatie Wolfe's debut album 8ight was released as the 'World's First' 3D Interactive Album App, which led to a world tour with Apple and marked the songwriter's first successful musical innovation. 

8ight features 4 songs of light, 4 of dark, which touch upon the poetry and tragedy of relationships and stand as infinite love songs: "Life can sober up this love, life looks tiny from above" (Beautiful Affair)

— GQ
— Monocle

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Critics have described Beatie Wolfe’s music as “brilliant” by GQ, “absolutely gorgeous” by Forbes, “mesmerising” by MOJO, “amazing” by KCRW, “ingenious” by Fast Company, “groundbreaking” by Sky News and “deeply moving” by BBC Radio 4.