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Beatie Wolfe's Story So Far...

Blessed with a voice that possesses the husky sweetness of Stevie Nicks and earthy tones of Nina Simone and hooky rhythmic guitar which fuses folk with 90s grunge, Beatie Wolfe is an Anglo-American singer songwriter hailed as the definition of a 21st century artist with a truly classic sound. Described by GQ as "mesmerising melodies that envelop the listener" and by Monocle as "expertly played, beautifully sung chamber pop," Beatie Wolfe's music pulls from the brooding poeticism of Leonard Cohen and Elliott Smith and occasionally veers into Americana territory. Wolfe's live show has been hailed as “the best show we’ve been to all year” (GQ), "so tender and confident" (The Independent) and “a profound delivery of depth and soul” (BBC)

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A musical innovator as much as a musician, Beatie Wolfe is at the forefront of pioneering new formats for music, which reunite tangibility, storytelling & ceremony to the album in this digital age. In this vein, Wolfe has created a series of world’s-first designs that bridge the tangible and digital, which include: a 3D vinyl for the iPhone; an intelligent album deck of cards; a Musical Jacket - designed by the tailor who dressed Bowie, Jagger and Hendrix and cut from fabric woven with Wolfe’s music - and most recently the world's first live 360 ̊ generative AR album stream.

Beatie Wolfe’s work has been featured in the world’s leading museums, festivals, conferences and received nominations across the music, tech and art fields. Wolfe is also the co-founder of a “profound” (The Times) new research project looking at the power of music for people living with dementia

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Beatie Wolfe Live

Best concert I’ve been to all year
— GQ Magazine
— Mark Ellen (MOJO/Q)

Press Highlights

  • GQ Magazine - "Wolfe enraptured us with her smoky, captivating melodies about love and loss - the best concert this year! "
  • The Independent - "A striking woman with a confident guitar style and a voice that can carry off husky intros and belting climaxes, Wolfe is absolutely mesmerising" 
  • Monocle Magazine - "Montagu Square is a well made, expertly played, beautifully sung flip-it-over-and-play-again-album"
  • Recode - "Wolfe is a pioneer in finding ways to use technology to connect to her fans"
  • Wired Magazine - "Beatie creates highly innovative concepts that reinvent how the audience engages with her music and beautifully bring to life her captivating folk sounds"
  • High Snobriety - "Beatie Wolfe balances the timeless romantic song-craft of her music with distribution methods that have attracted a salivating tech community... reshaping the very concept of what an album can be"
  • BBC Radio 4 - "Beautiful music, words… like Leonard Cohen but laced with optimism"
  • Sky News - "The British singer songwriter who’s at the cutting edge"
  • Forbes - "Beatie Wolfe is an artist with a capital A!"
  • Huffington Post - "Beatie’s music is refreshingly low-fi and honest. It’s storytelling - no bells and whistles"
  • Mark Ellen (MOJO/Q/Word) - "Beatie’s music is terrific - the songs, lyrics, vocals, arrangements... all incredible"
  • KCRW - "The amazing and prolific Beatie Wolfe"

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