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Beatie Wolfe's Story So Far...

Anglo-American singer songwriter Beatie Wolfe is blessed with a voice that possesses the husky sweetness of Stevie Nicks and earthy tones of Nina Simone and songwriting which echoes the poetic quality of Leonard Cohen, described by GQ as: “mesmerising melodies that envelope the listener as Wolfe delicately describes the poetry and tragedy of relationships” and by Monocle as “expertly played, beautifully sung chamber pop"

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A musical innovator as much as a musician, Beatie Wolfe is at the forefront of pioneering new formats for music, which reunite tangibility, storytelling & ceremony to the album in this digital age. In this vein, Wolfe has released both of her albums as lyric books (believing in lyrics crafted as poetry), as vinyl, as well as a series of world first designs that bridge the tangible and digital. The most recent of these include: a beautifully printed Album Deck of NFC-cards and a Musical Jacket, designed by the Savile Row tailor who dressed Bowie, Jagger and Hendrix in the 60s. Beatie Wolfe is also co-founder of a "profound" (The Times) new research project looking at the power of music for people living with dementia

Latest Album // Montagu Square

Beatie Wolfe's Montagu Square Has been hailed "Absolutely Gorgeous" by The Independent, "Profound" by The Times, "Mesmerising" by mojo, "captivating" by wired, "ingenious" by Huffington Post, "Amazing" by KCRW, "Extraordinary" by Forbes and Monocle magazine calls it "An expertly played, beautifully sung flip-it-over-and-play-again LP"

Montagu Square was conceived at 34 Montagu Square - the former home of Hendrix, Ringo, McCartney, Lennon & Yoko Ono - and the single 'Take Me Home' was recorded in the room where McCartney wrote ‘Eleanor Rigby’ & Hendrix penned ‘The Wind Cries Mary.' Montagu Square was also released as the first musical jacket of it's kind

Latest Single // Simply Friends

Simply Friends is an upbeat Punk-Pop track and its release marks Beatie's show at the V&A for the ‘Records and Rebels… Revolutions Weekender’

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Beatie Wolfe Live





Best concert I’ve been to all year
— GQ Magazine
Watching the Brilliant Beatie Wolfe
— Mark Ellen (Q, MOJO, WORD)

Press Highlights

  • GQ Magazine // GQ calls Beatie's live show "the best concert [they'd] been to all year" & runs the exclusive premier of her debut album 8ight in its magazine

  • The Independent // Legendary journalist John Walsh interviews Beatie for an extended artist profile. Prior features include an article from Indie music critic Emily Jupp

  • Monocle Magazine // Monocle Magazine describes Montagu Square as an "expertly played, beautifully sung flip-it-over-and-play-again-album" and Beatie performs/talks regularly on M24 Radio 

  • Huffington Post // Huffington Post interviews Beatie about her new album Montagu Square, its story, music and innovations in a two-part interview 

  • Forbes // Extensive 2,000 word Forbes feature on Beatie Wolfe about being an Artist with a capital "A" 

  • Wired Magazine // WIRED explore Beatie's "Seeing Music Differently" including her 3D Album App, Musical Jacket & Album Deck 

  • BBC Radio 4 // BBC Radio 4 interviews Beatie for an extended feature on its flagship PM show, with live music

  • Sky News // Beatie joins Sky News to talk about SXSW, touring in the US and her latest musical innovations

  • Recode // Recode's legendary Ina Fried describes how Beatie weaves a tale of music history from the days of Lennon and Hendrix through to the present using a range of technology

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