“Famous Five” - Song

This is the song to represent the Famous Five uniting for the first time. The equivalent of their theme tune (or one of). This is the moment they realise that actually “5 is better than 1” and decide to accept one another’s imperfections (as no one is perfect!) because “together, they will be so much better!” This is the song that forms the official “Famous Five” as we know it so a very pivotal moment. [NB this is a sample of the entire song, currently missing intro & opening verses as these would be developed in accordance with the script]


This is the most developed in terms of lyrics, mood, instrumentation. A super happy, bouncy song with the drums and double bass grooving, ukulele strumming, electric guitar providing happy little lines and the marimba, whistles, handclaps etc to give a real splash of joy and sunshine. The instrumentation for this song provides a really contemporary and “cool” setting, something the audience will immediately relate to and the perfect soundtrack to this triumphant moment in the four’s (plus Timmy!) coming together. The four take it in turns to sing individual lines (marked on the lyric sheet) and then all together.


The first chorus acts as the kids’ first realisation, the subsequent verse provides a chance to have a final dig at one another, while the following verse showing their maturity in realising that no one is perfect. The “drop out” we hear in this final verse, with all instruments cutting out except for marimba and handclaps, sets up the joyous final chorus, as all the instruments come back in, which acts as the sealing moment of pledging allegiance to one another.


  • Ukulele

  • Electric guitar

  • Double Bass

  • Drums

  • Percussion (shaker, tambourine)

  • Marimba

  • Whistles, handclaps etc

Lyrics to “Famous Five”

Solo: Now we see
ALL: Five is better than one
Solo: It’s clear to me
ALL: Five is better than one
Solo: We must agree
ALL: Five is better than one
Solo: Us five… us five

Solo: When they’re baddies to catch
ALL: Five is better than one
Solo: and plans to hatch
ALL: Five is better than one  
Solo: Oh It’s just a fact
ALL: Five is better than one
ALL: Us five… us five

Julian: But oh Dick, you can be a pain being such a snob and spoiling our games
Dick: It can’t be quite as bad as having Anne blab to our mother, come on brother?
Anne: I know, I’m sorry, I talk too much, but I get so nervous when George gets cross
George: Well I am just happy doing my thing, c’mon on Timmy  

Julian: But come on guys, I guess we all have our faults
Dick: And if we stay together, we’ll be better off
Anne: Because we all have our strengths
George: (some more than most ;)
ALL: So there’s only one answer

ALL: Together gether gether
We’ll be so much better better better better better
Whatever the weather, we’ll weather weather…
Us five

Together gether gether
We’ll be so much better better better better better
Remember Remember Remember
The famous five… high five

Together together
we’ll be so much better
Always remember
the famous five !


(C) & (P) Beatie Wolfe 2016