“Island Chase” - Instrumental

The appearance of the baddies Nick & Slim is communicated through the low sustained double bass note. We return to the piece of music we heard for when the kids were “on top” and guardians of the island but it is now very different, it has become sinister signalling that the kids are in real danger. This could be used for any dangerous/high tension moment before the children find the gold e.g. Anne being captured, the kids being chased, or simply to show that the baddies are approaching, moments before they find the chest.

Production Overview

This is the same track as we heard for the kids exploring with the same African percussion and drums. However while the drums remain the same, the optimistic, playful major strings have been replaced with sinister minor one. There is a low sustain running throughout giving the sense of impending doom. The major piz on the viola to suggest frolicking is now minor piz on violin to suggest hard running. The warm soaring swells on the cello to give the feeling of being outdoors on a sunny day, are now minor descending chords on tremolo violin which gives the feeling of being chilly. This piece ends with a jangling Marxophone which gives the impression of rattling skeletons, an orchestra cymbal clash and a note of dissonance. Something bad is about to happen!

More Detail

This is predominantly a percussion/drum track with a leading violin playing a minor pizzicato line and tremolo violin playing the descending minor chord line. A sustain on the double bass is held throughout and the Marxophone comes in (with its mandolin-like tremolo)  at the end at the height of the climax.

Key Musicians

  • Drums (kick drum, floor toms)

  • Percussion (Udu, congo, knives and forks, djembe, dunun, ride cymbal, woodblock, agogo, bongo)

  • Strings (violins, cello)

  • Marxophone


(C) & (P) Beatie Wolfe 2016