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The Raw Sound enters the rawest Space...

Beatie Wolfe beamed her album Raw Space into Space using the historic Holmdel Horn that proved the Big Bang and with the help of the Nobel Prize winning scientist, Robert Wilson, who made the discovery of CMB (cosmic microwave background radiation)

Robert had to make the first update to this Horn (which is classified a national historic landmark) in 50 years to make sure Beatie's music got past the earth's atmosphere and to our Galactic green friends

The broadcast was not of the studio version of the Raw Space album, but the raw anechoic recordings (no reverb, echo, effects)! The idea being that for the first time ever, the rawest and purest sound would enter the rawest Space

Not only was this the first time the Holmdel Horn has made a music x space broadcast, but it's also the first time that anechoic sound has gone into Space

Beatie Wolfe - Raw Space - Holmdel Horn - Nokia Bell Labs.JPG

Raw Space at The Holmdel Horn