The 'Take Me Home' Jacket // Montagu Square

Beatie Wolfe - in collaboration with rockstar tailor Mr Fish (tailor to Hendrix, Bowie, Jagger) and textiles designer BeatWoven - transform Beatie's new single "Take Me Home" (from her second album Montagu Square) into the first Musical Jacket of its kind

Showcased at SXSW '16, DLD '16, for Her Majesty the Queen and exhibited at the London's V&A


Beatie Wolfe recorded the new single ‘Take Me Home’ for her second album Montagu Square in the former home of Hendrix, McCartney, Ringo, Lennon & Yoko Ono and in the same room where Hendrix wrote ‘The Wind Cries Mary’ & McCartney penned ‘Eleanor Rigby.’ Wolfe’s single – recorded to an audience of the founding fathers of British Rock journalism and the new guard of NME, WIRED, the BBC – was translated (complete with its ambient sound, resonance of the room, audience applause) into a woven fabric by textiles artist BeatWoven, who reveals the geometric patterning of music via coded audio technology. The woven silk fabric was then cut by Savile Row tailor Mr Fish (who dressed Hendrix, Jagger, Bowie in the ‘60s) into the first Musical Jacket of its kind: Wolfe’s ‘Take Me Home’ Jacket. The Jacket has also been NFC-enabled, allowing people to hear the single by tapping their phone onto the fabric

The ‘Take Me Home’ Jacket is a perfect example of bringing tangibility, storytelling and ceremony back to music in the digital age
— Beatie Wolfe