Raw Space // The Worlds first live 360 AR Stream



Beatie Wolfe releases her latest album Raw Space as the world's first live 360˚ AR stream which combined live, 360˚ stereoscopic video and real-time AR visuals to create a modern, Fantasia-like live streamed album experience. The Raw Space experience has been described as "like walking around in a dream someone had made for me" by The New Scientist, "an extraordinary production: music and visuals" by BBC Radio 4 and "utterly groundbreaking" by Fast Company


The needle dropped in the most silent room on Earth. A record played, streaming live in anechoic sound to anyone who logged in, on repeat for a week. Words, colours, and fantastic visions leapt from the grooves, as synced visuals created a 360˚ world of imagery to complement each song in full augmented reality. And every time the record played, the visuals evolved making you feel like the album was coming to life around you.

This is Raw Space, the latest “world’s-first” album experience by British singer-songwriter and digital art-innovator Beatie Wolfe, in collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs and Design I/O. Part-installation, part sonic experience, part technical feat it evokes the spirit of Cage for his explorations of sound and Warhol for his explorations of visual art - both past collaborators of Bell Labs’ for its E.A.T. programme with Wolfe ushering in the new era. But really, at it’s core, Raw Space is an album... and a great one.

"Raw Space touches on the themes I’ve been exploring since my first album but in perhaps the most extreme and technicolor way. This album began with a question: what would the anti-stream of today look like? With Raw Space, I wanted to create the antithesis of our current streaming experience and really celebrate the world of the album—it’s artwork, arc, narrative, music—in a fully immersive and multi sensory way, which has the effect of placing the listener at the centre of this dynamic world. In essence, it’s really about using technology to bring back some of music’s old school magic” - Beatie Wolfe


Raw Space began with a question. What would the anti-steam of today look like?
— Beatie Wolfe