Raw Space


Beatie Wolfe in Nokia Bell Labs Anechoic Chamber

Beatie Wolfe in Nokia Bell Labs Anechoic Chamber

Project Overview

Collaborating with Grammy/Nobel Prize-winning inventors Nokia Bell Labs, and technologists Design I/O (TATE/MOMA), singer songwriter Beatie Wolfe creates a ‘world’s first’ way to “stream” an album in the digital age - incorporating real-time AR visuals that unpack the artwork, lyrics and music as a 360˚ “Fantasia” experience for the album in the streaming world. This launches May 2017 out of Bell Labs' anechoic chamber, one of the world's quietest and most sonically isolated spaces. 

For ‘Raw Space’ I wanted to create the antithesis of our current streaming experience (which is somewhat compressed both sonically and creatively) or rather to create what I feel streaming music could be, and really celebrate the world of the album — it’s artwork, arc, narrative, music — in a fully immersive and experiential way, which has the effect of placing the listener at the center of this dynamic world. Launching this out of one of the world’s quietest rooms has the effect of immediately instilling a sense of ceremony into this experience, both quieting the “noise” around and allowing the listener to hear the true sound of sound
— Beatie Wolfe

The 'Raw Space' experience will launch May 5 2017 as a 24-hour streaming VR experience and as a series of live VIP Augmented Reality performances in the Bell Labs' anechoic chamber, the world's quietest room. 
Its launch marks the 50-year anniversary of E.A.T. (experiments in art and technology) at Nokia Bell Labs’, with Beatie following in the footsteps of John Cage, Philip Glass, David Bowie and Andy Warhol as past collaborators.

‘Raw Space’ also brings into play a technological first: combining live, 360˚ stereoscopic video and real-time generative AR visuals to create a modern, Fantasia-like live streamed album experience that can be viewed on VR headsets, Google Daydream, iPads, and modern mobile devices.