Press Highlights

GQ Magazine - "Wolfe enraptured us with her smoky, captivating melodies about love and loss - the best concert this year!"

The Independent - "A unique guitar style and a voice that can carry off husky intros and belting climaxes, Wolfe is absolutely mesmerising" 

The New Scientist - "Haunting lyrics, so intimate, like the sound of secrets whispered under bed covers"

Huffington Post - "Beatie’s music is refreshingly low-fi and honest. It’s storytelling - no bells and whistles"

Monocle Magazine - "Montagu Square is a well made, expertly played, beautifully sung flip-it-over-and-play-again-album"

Sky News - "The British singer songwriter who’s at the cutting edge"

Mark Ellen (MOJO/Q/Word) - "Beatie’s music is terrific - the songs, lyrics, vocals, arrangements... incredible"

Wired Magazine - "Beatie creates highly innovative concepts that reinvent how the audience engages with her music and beautifully bring to life her captivating folk sounds"

KCRW - "The amazing and prolific Beatie Wolfe"

Jazziz - "Wolfe's music builds on raw poetic songs with lush, baroque pop string arrangements reminiscent of George Martin" 

Awards & Accolades 

Best Digital Artist // Nominee

Google Play Music nominated Beatie Wolfe for the 'Best Digital Artist' 2016 award alongside The 1975 & Alan Walker. Wolfe was the only independent artist nominated for the award

Nomination // Wired Magazine

Wired UK chose Beatie Wolfe as one of twenty-two changing the world in 2017 alongside Julie Hanna (President Obama's Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship) and Manal Al-Sharif

10 Game changers // High Snobiety

Highsnobiety named Beatie Wolfe as one of '10 Ways Music Will in Change 2017' alongside Grime, Bowie, Drake, T.I. and Rihanna

Future of Music // V&A Museum

The V&A asked Wolfe to represent the "Future of Music" for it 'Records & Rebels' exhibition from the curators of 'David Bowie Is...'

Award // Best of Britain Innovation

Wolfe was selected to represent the best of British creativity and innovation at the IFB2016 and had an audience with the Queen

Broadcast Host // Pandora at SXSW

Beatie Wolfe co-hosted Pandora Radio's stage and livestream at SXSW in 2017 alongside rapper Phonte