The Findings

The 'Power of Music & Dementia' results - a video documentary (below) and research report - are hugely positive and provide data which can significantly alter the way people care for those living with dementia and how they can engage and connect via the power of music

Significant Improvements In communication & memory

Significant Improvements In Communication & Memory

72% Responded to Music

The research has shown that proactive and stimulating music events can have significant positive and lasting effects for people living with dementia.
— Bob Peters, 20/20 Research Ltd

Stanford University Interviews Beatie Wolfe on their TV Channel


Beatie Wolfe Addresses the Alzhiemer's Association of America

We witnessed the powerful effect and joy that music can have on those in different stages of dementia
— Stephen Amos, The Priory Group
Beatie’s music had an amazing effect on the residents and an incalculable value to the humanization of care
— Dr Pedro Pinto Monteiro, Montepio Care Home Director (Portugal)
Music is a fantastic way of communicating and expressing themselves and has been evident here today
— Asa Johnson, Anchor Care Group