The Findings

The 'Power of Music & Dementia' results - a video documentary (below) and research report - are hugely positive and provide compelling data which can significantly alter the way people care for those living with dementia and how they can engage and connect via the power of music... if it is music and not simply memory stirring the soul and creating the magic, then the field opens up to new and wonderful possibilities for dementia care 

72% Responded to Music

Improvements In communication & memory

comms & memory cropped.png

Stanford University Medical School interview Beatie Wolfe about her dementia work


Music Side Note

Need Somebody, was written by Beatie Wolfe following her 'Power of Music & Dementia' study experiences and has gone on to have well over a million streams

Beatie Wolfe Addresses the Alzheimer's Association of America

The research has shown that proactive and stimulating music events, like Beatie’s, have significant positive & lasting effects for people living with dementia.
— Bob Peters, 20/20 Research Ltd