Make It Up 

Make it up
If you can’t find the proof you need
“Make it up,” he said
“I fear the truth is leaving me.”
We are dragons, but we have lost our fire to fight
We are lovers, bathing in eachothers' light.

Make it up
if you can’t find your faith in us
“Make it up,” he begged
“before our hearts begin to rust.”
We are painters, but we have lost the skill to touch
We are children, our flower heads keep blowing off

Make it up
there’s honey where the maggots lie
“Oh make it up cheri
Speak to me the way you like.”
We are wilful hunters where the stones can fly
We are sinful, perfection is a blessed lie.


Make it up
I want to see the dots cohere
“Make it up my dear - I’ve lost the taste for loving fear.”
We are bubbles, deflating in our own image
We are lovers, tangled as we raise the bridge.


(C) & (P)  Beatie Wolfe 2009