Little Moth (live) 

‘Little Moth’ recorded in the quietest room and beamed into Space via the Big Bang Horn

‘Little Moth’ by Beatie Wolfe was recorded in the Bell Labs Anechoic Chamber (once the quietest room in the world) described by one New York Times journalist as “unplugged x 1000” 

This live track of Wolfe’s, written in tribute to Elliott Smith, was then beamed into Space via the Horn that proved the Big Bang and with the Nobel prize winning scientist making the first update to the Horn in 50yrs (classified a National History Landmark) to make it happen. 

The idea being that for the first time, the rawest sound would enter the rawest space, as a statement of our humanity at a time of increased auto-tuning, airbrushing, AI etc. 

Release date May 11th

(C) & (P) Beatie Wolfe 2018


The Track's Documentary (3mins)

First previewed at NASA's JPL by Wolfe

This film, produced by award-winning The Mill, will be shown at Collision, New Orleans where Wolfe is performing (as the only artist alongside Wyclef Jean and Major Lazer) following its premiere at the LA Times first culture/tech festival, which Beatie Wolfe guest curated

A nice side note is that after presenting this at NASA, Wolfe discovered that her Grandfather had worked on the first series of US Satellites, the Explorer and Discoverer, as well as on Project Echo, which is shown in the opening of this film