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‘Kids Wish for the World’ is a re-recording of one of Beatie’s original songs ‘Wish’, and this new version features ten children from across the UK singing their very own wish for the world following a competition on new children’s social media platform PopJam. It now represents the combined voice of over 50,000 children. 

After hearing ‘Wish’, Moshi Monsters founder Michael Acton Smith (already a fan of Beatie’s music) asked Beatie Wolfe to launch the first official musician channel for his new social media world for kids called PopJam – a hugely creative, collaborative and safe version of Instagram for children. On PopJam, Beatie joined global brands Lego, Minecraft and Adventure Time and now has one of the top channels acquiring 100,000 subscribers in the last few months alone.

While Beatie was testing out the app, a boy called Matty who loved "Wish" got in touch to share some of his wishes. Movingly, these were not about his own personal wants but what he wished for the world. One of them read: "I wish everyone had a home and enough food and water."

This inspired an idea: to create a competition for the PopJammers to share their No.1 ‘Wish for the World’ and invite the finalists into the recording studio to sing their wish on a new version of the single, with the proceeds going to charity. In two days, the competition received 20,000 responses, a record for PopJam. From those 20,000, Beatie chose ten children who would record their wishes as part of the single and star in the music video.

“Last year was particularly devastating to the lives of many children around the world” said Beatie. “The intention behind this project was to put out a very positive message about the changes our next generation wishes to see in the world. I was amazed by the insight and thoughtfulness regarding the current state of affairs from the many kids who entered the competition, and how they would do things differently. It was incredibly moving. I chose the ten finalists on the basis of their wishes as each wish was a really valued point and together they covered many of the most important areas I believe our world can benefit from.”

With the wonderful support of the Utley Foundation and in aid of the children’s charities NSPCC’s ChildLine and War Child, Beatie's wish is now a reality. ‘Kids Wish for the World’ is a song created with children for children, with the powerful message of everyone working together happily towards a brighter and safer future

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— The Sun

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