Famous Five Intro

Five early musical ideas and sketches - following two days with the treatment - for two key songs in the Musical (with original music, lyrics, arrangement & production provided) and three instrumentals (with original music, arrangement & production).


For the songs I have worked closely with the script to write a sample of something that could musically and lyrically fit the moment. With the instrumentals, I have given a flavour of the kind of music that could set the stage for some of the key dramatic moments in the Musical, while also demonstrating how the same instrumentation can be easily altered to significantly change the mood e.g. the inquisitive, playful mood of ‘Island Exploring’ transitions to the sinister, tense mood of ‘Island Chase.’ Dialogue with the writer would be required to profound the words and accentuate the arc of the Director's vision.

Beatie Wolfe - Cut Out - playing guitar - made by emily g.png