“Island Exploring” - Instrumental

The kids have arrived on the island. The music reflects the ‘Home Alone’ / Swallows and Amazons / ‘Tin Tin’ vibe with a little bit of the wilderness of ‘Lord of the Flies.’ Here we see the kids as explorers, the boys and George pretending to be Rambo - darting about, laying traps, hiding in bushes. The positive, inquisitive vibes of the viola piz, combined with the hopeful, outdoorsy feeling of the legato cello makes for an exciting adventure soundtrack with a hint of danger, provided by the tribal drums & percussion. This hint of danger is then developed for the Island Chase track.

Production Overview

The idea of this track is to show how the same piece of music (e.g. drums and structure remain the same for ‘Island Chase’ as do instruments) can start positive and major, and then with only a few key elements changed, can quickly turn sinister in accordance with the plot. This can be done with other songs in the musical e.g. Home for the Holidays.

More Detail

This is largely an African percussion/drum track with a viola playing a lead major, pizzicato line and a cello playing major soaring lines with light tremolo. The drums could be played by members of the cast (as well as musicians) to give the music a playful feel.

Key Musicians

  • Drums (kick drum, floor toms)

  • Percussion (udu, congo, knives and forks, djembe, dunun, ride cymbal, woodblock, agogo, bongo)  

  • Strings (viola, violin, cello)


(C) & (P) Beatie Wolfe 2016