“Hostage” - Instrumental

This is the moment when Nick & Slim have snuck up on the kids as they are opening up the chest. Nick and Slim’s guns are raised. With the military drum roll introducing this Argentinian tango and Russian sounding strings you can imagine the baddies edging their way closer (guns ready to shoot) as the kids try and think up what to do. When the castanets come in, halfway through, this is the moment the cousins can jump in and charge at the villains knocking their guns out of the baddies hands, as the castanets and the legato strings (which opened staccato) suggest a change in mood from tense to energetic.

Production Overview

An idea for an instrumental track (which could have lyrics or lines over the top) at a key point in the plot. This instrumental, along with the ‘Island Chase,’ signify the darkest moments in this otherwise joyous, light-hearted, romantic and hugely comic musical. The Argentinian tango gives it an exotic flavour and opens it up to a more universal context, while the lustrous strings, with its Russian vibe, gives the feeling of a scene in a Spy film. The introduction of the castanets and legato string lines, which join the dramatic string stabs, opens the music up and acts to dissipate the tension slightly, which would fit the moment when the cousins jump in. Though not through the danger yet, they are fighting bravely and the music reflects this.

More Detail

This is in the mode of a tango, with castanets tying in with that South American feel and provide the perfect music for a hostage moment with the sharp drums, staccato strings giving the impression of rigid movement and tight tension. The strings, which add the colour of drama, open up halfway through which is when the kids would move in.

Key Musicians

  • Acoustic guitar  

  • Double Bass

  • Drums

  • Strings (cello, viola, violin)

  • Castanets


(C) & (P) Beatie Wolfe 2016