“Be A Dad” - Song

Quentin is livid and striding about the room unable to be appeased. Sam is looking sad and desperately trying to get through to Quentin about what he is failing to see… She sees it so clearly and starts the song off almost more singing to herself as Quentin bustles around, picking up papers on his desk, flying about the room. While she is singing to him, Quentin makes it clear that he is NOT listening. He would be saying phrases like “not now,” “can’t you see I’m busy” as interjections while she is singing. Going into their duet verse, you see a brief moment of insight into why Quentin is being like this. Sam is singing to Quentin, while Quentin is singing his lines to himself/the audience and you learn (through the equivalent of a soliloquy) of some his fears and issues. For the final chorus, Sam’s words are finally starting to get through. Quentin is still pacing around, head in his hands, but he IS listening to Sam (it is going in). Sam’s song sets Quentin up for the next time he meets George, when he finally sees her clearly.  

Production Overview

Sparser production compared to rest, with more space in the music. This is more of a sketch of an idea for a song focusing on the mood/tone of the song rather than full instrumentation/lyrics. With this song, it could be good to keep the instrumentation simple to allow the emotive lyrics and melancholy/plaintive tone to come through, building to the final chorus as this suggests.

More Details

Simple guitar playing single chords and then more rhythmically plucked as it goes from verse to chorus, mirroring Sam becoming more emphatic. As the song builds in emotion, e.g. when we hear some of Quentin’s most personal thoughts and fears, more instruments come in to support the vocals and build the emotion of the track e.g. romantic piano, simple drums, pulsing bass. This is a good indication of how the song can start simple, build to a big heartfelt chorus and then end quiet and reflective.

Key Musicians

  • Acoustic guitar

  • Bass

  • Piano

  • Percussion (shaker, tambourine, kick drum snare)

  • Keys (Cordette)  

Lyrics to “Be A Dad”

One day - George will grow up
and you will regret
Things that - you never told her
things you wished you’d said
I know, you’re always busy
but she’s not a child for long
One day you’re gonna wake up
and she will be gone

Be a dad now
don’t wait
(Q: not now)
Be a dad now
before it’s too late
(Q: I’m too busy)
Be a dad now
don’t wait
Be a dad
before it’s too late

S: I know, she’s a handful, but she’s just a kid
Q: I worry about her future, that’s the truth of it
S: Oh Quentin no one is perfect, have some faith
Q: I always see her mother in her smiling face

Please be her dad now
Don’t wait
Be her dad
before it’s too late

Be her dad now
there’s time
before she goes

and leaves you behind

(C) & (P)  Beatie Wolfe 2016