The 'Home From Home' Festival

San Francisco  ||  March 2018


Beatie Wolfe and Airbnb Experiences host the first three night “home from home” festival in San Francisco to celebrate the power of music and dementia as well as changing the perception of a night out from being solely entertainment based to one promoting health and wellbeing too. 

This mini festival will be the perfect awareness raiser and celebration of what music can do beyond entertain us and will be made digitally available, as a podcast or radio show, to share the message further. 

Programme for each day

  • Welcome 

  • Singer-Songwriter * – 2 tracks 

  • TED style expert talk on field – 15 mins 

  • Band * (acoustic fashion) – 4 tracks 

  • MOTH style dementia experience storytelling – 10 mins

* Musicians will be invited to perform during the day in a care home for people living with later stages of dementia

This early evening event of c.60 guests will be comprised of: Airbnb Experiences patrons, press, people living with dementia and their caregivers in addition to volunteers from the associated contributors. 


  • Experts: Stephen Friend (Head of Health for Apple & co-founder and President of Sage Bionetworks), Nusha Askari PhD (Stanford Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center), Ryan Panchadsaram (former Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the United States)

  • Storytellers: American Alzheimer’s Association, Sara Faith Alterman (Radiotopia), Stanford University Dementia head, Beatie Wolfe, Sylvie Simmons, Ina Fried 

  • Musicians: Beatie Wolfe, Eric Whitacre, Sylvie Simmons (MOJO journalist and Waits/Cohen biographer) 

  • Music Supervisors: Evan Pollock (Pandora) & Beatie Wolfe

  • Charity: American Alzheimer’s Association 

  • Host: Airbnb

The Vision 

The vision for this SF festival is that it could then inspire pop ups in each of the major cities around the world to continue activating and spreading the Power of Music awareness and message both in real life and digitally. 


The Venue

The Laundry  
3359 26th Street,
San Francisco, CA 94110
United States


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