Power of Music & Dementia

The question No one was asking... is it Music or memory

The Power of Music & Dementia research tour ran for 4-months with the aim to objectively prove the power of music, in this case music unconnected to memory, for people living with dementia. Beatie performed her original music at a series of Priory Group care homes across the UK. Residents were monitored during the live performance and in the weeks following, listening to the same songs on headsets. This study ran for four months and is the first of its kind to test the impact of new music for those living with dementia. Highlight responses include “72% responding to the music in meaningful ways e.g. singing along, clapping, tapping” and significant improvements in memory and communication across the 4-month period. Some of the amazing reactions to the music were captured in this documentary video

Profound... One of the first experiments of its kind
— The Times
A Musical Miracle for Dementia
— The Independent