Danger Blue

Hear, with your heart, the last song I’ll give to you
It may be quite simple, but that’s how I get into you

Dreamt of the time we nearly made it work
And you referenced the time we never made it work
It tears me away, from people I think are like you
It seals me away, from touching that danger blue

But no I don’t know what it’s like to be close to me
Words get stuck in my throat and perhaps I’m not easy to read
But I meant what I spoke when I tore you for twisting the truth
And I guess, nothing’s changed, because I am still writing for you

I’ll let go tonight, if you promise to keep me close
I’ll give one night if you swear that you loved me the most
But it can’t be so wrong, when diamonds look dull next to this
And it can’t be full on, risking a stolen kiss…


Darling I love you, it hurts to maintain the fort
But darling you’re trouble and I’m just a kid in a store
And we’ll make Mexico on the day that we fall into sync
Until then danger blue I’ll never break the link

And I’ll make Tuscany on the day that you give up the chase
Because darling, we’re friends, the rest will all fall into place


(C) & (P)  Beatie Wolfe 2011