8ight // World's First 3D Interactive VINYL


a vinyl for your phone, a theatre for the palm of your hand

Beatie Wolfe released her debut album 8ight as a 3D interactive album app. GQ Magazine premiered the release across its magazine and iPad edition. Impressed by this 3D innovation, Apple invited Beatie Wolfe to be the first artist to tour all of its global event theatres: New York, London, Berlin & Tokyo. Beatie's interviewers included: Spin's Editor-in-Chief Craig Marks in New York, GQ's Commissioning Editor Charlie Burton in London and De:Bug's Founder & Editor Sascha Kösch in Berlin


Growing up with vinyls making a big impact on her as a young kid, age 8, Wolfe was imagining what her first album would look like and feel like as much as what it would sound like. With 8ight, released in 2013, Wolfe wanted to quite literally put a record (the format that she loved) on a phone (a device now integral to people's listening of music) and so she pioneered the 3D Interactive album app format. This came as an app for your phone or tablet that opened up like a record with all the liner notes, lyrics, artwork and music featured in the package. But then to give this rather traditional app experience a twist, she introduced the Palm Top Theatre to her release, as the first artist to do so. By slotting your phone into the PTT, your phone was transformed into a theatre for the palm of your hand and you could watch 8ight's 3D Interactive visuals come to life in a way that recaptured some of the magic of opening up the record and exploring its artwork but unlike anything you had seen before 


8ight was the beginning of my explorations in physical/digital intersection and my first attempt to create the modern-day equivalent of a vinyl record.
— Beatie Wolfe